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We know not every couple wishes to have an 18 to 12 month engagement and yes I know what Martha Stewart and Emily Post advise otherwise. When couples are unsure and ask my advice I offer the following to be considered:


The time of year you marry plays a big part in the type of wedding and the cost due to the popularity of the season or the cost of flowers. Florist charge higher prices in February, May, and December due to Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and the holiday season requiring a higher floral demand, thus in return drives up your floral cost for weddings. December weddings are oh so beautiful, but may cost a bit more and test your patience when trying to secure your dream venue and vendors. Keep in mind the competition is stiff due to corporate and private Christmas parties as well as your guest who may already have a full calendar.


When planning a short engagement 6 months or less, consider most venues and vendors book 12 to 9 months in advance. Consider the budget and the amount of money vendors and venues will require up front for securing your date.

Shorter engagements may require payment in full or a larger deposit.

When planning a year or more in advance you have the opportunity to be selective of your vendors and venue. This will also give you the opportunity to receive multiple quotes from vendors in each category to assure you are getting the most worthy vendor. The lowest price is not always a win when it comes to the service you will be receiving on a monumental day in your life.

Guest Travel: If the majority of your guest list, or at least the VIP list, and bridal party live out of town consider a longer engagement to allow for guest to arrange vacation accommodations. In this scenario engagement announcement and save the dates are required as a grand gesture to your guest.

Venue: There are only 52 Saturdays in a wedding year and the popular venues will book up first, typically 9 to 12 months in advance. You may not secure the Saturday you want, but Friday and Sunday are wonderful days to get married and most venues offer a discount on these days.

Whatever the date or timeframe you agree upon remember you will be planning as a couple and together you can accomplish anything.

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