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When planning a wedding you should always look for something that inspires you or reflects you as a couple. This could be a family heirloom, a color, or something special that you as couple have in common. For us as wedding planners we like to revolve your wedding around what we call the “WOW factor” so that once your guest leave they will say ” Wow that was such a creative idea!” You want to brand your wedding from the moment you send out your save the date up until you send your last Thank You note out! (Etiquette tip: Thank you cards should be received within 6 weeks of your wedding date.) Now you may be wondering What if I don’t have anything special? How can I get the WOW factor? There are still plenty of ways to incorporate the WOW in to your wedding such as :

  1. You can do a themed buffet such as: Candy, Dessert, Ice Cream Sundaes, Baked Potatoes, Popcorn etc.

  2. Number tables in a fun way! Use pictures of you and your soon to be spouse at the age of the table number, Favorite movies or songs, Famous Couples, or your favorite bottle of bubbly!

  3. Have a themed wedding! Themed weddings are rolling in hot this season and are absolutely amazing for pictures!

These are just a few ways to personalize your wedding to make sure your wedding truly reflects the two of you as a couple. Over the years we have seen our couples get pretty creative and our best advice to all of you is… Don’t be scared be daring! We are in 2013 and live in a time of expressing ourselves not walking the line of traditions! [polldaddy poll=7202979]

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