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Every couple looks forward to hiring a photographer to capture such a sweet time in their lives, but I see couples get overwhelmed on who they should pick even though we give all of our couples references the choice is ultimately yours. This week I questioned a few of our wedding photographers A Splendid Event works with regularly to get their insight from behind the camera. First up we have Andrea Surak of SurakKim Photography.


ASE: Andrea, tell us what you feel is most important about clients choosing a wedding photographer?

Andrea: ” I think that over the last couple of years of doing wedding photography, the #1 thing I think is essential is connecting with your photographer. I feel like every relationship reaches it’s full potential when the lines of communication are comfortably open. A client should have no uncomfortable feelings for bringing issues, ideas, etc up to their photographer. What this opens the door for is a collaboration of sorts, to understand what the client wants, and allows the photographer to tell their story the way they want it to be told.”

ASE: That’s a great point! So tell me what do you think couples tend to overlook during wedding photography ?

Andrea: “To keep the lighting in mind for pictures (if pictures are important to the client). If you have a ceremony in the middle of the day, where it’s super bright, you should expect pictures where your bridal party is squinting, sweating, etc. the best time for light is 1 1/2 hours before sunset.”

ASE: I can agree that couples don’t always think because it’s hard for myself as a wedding planner to remember! Is there anything else you feel you really want our readers to know about photography at their wedding?

Andrea: “Another thing that I feel is super important is to expect the photographer to be with you, snapping away the majority of the way. And also communicate that to your husband and other members of the wedding. This can be overwhelming to some, but that’s how we do it USUALLY. So if you do not want that, it’s extremely important to communicate that with your photographer, so they can know that they need to only be there for the big moments, and not the in between moments”

ASE: Again keeping the lines of communication open with the photographer! Wonderful thank you so much Andrea for you input!

Thank you all for reading today, and to find more information about Andrea Surak please head over to her website: SurakKim Photography.

Stay tuned next week to hear from another favorite of ours as we discuss “Wedding Photography Investment”

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