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In the world of wedding planning it is very easy to become overwhelmed with dollar signs. One of the best tips we like to share with couples is if you are not set on a certain date for sentimental reasons pick a Sunday date. Here are the top 5 reasons why picking a Sunday wedding benefits you and your checkbook:

  1. Save on your venue

It is no secret your wedding venue will consume the largest part of your wedding budget. By choosing a Sunday date you will save on average 20%- 50%. This is money you can either put elsewhere in your budget or set it aside for an “emergency fund”.

  1. Time to cherish

Wedding weekends can sometimes be filled to the brim trying to see all of your family that has arrived for this glorious occasion. Choosing to have your wedding on a Sunday will allow time for your guest to visit with you, and settle in after traveling so they are refreshed for your wedding.

  1. Rehearsal

Countless times wedding rehearsals will begin late when they are held on a weeknight due to unpredictable traffic. This can make for a stressed out Bride and Groom awaiting to arrive promptly to their rehearsal dinner and no one wants a stressed out Bride and Groom 24 hours before the say I DO. Choosing to get married on a Sunday will alleviate this issue if your venue is available for rehearsal on Saturday.

  1. More time to party!

The majority of Sunday weddings begin earlier because everyone knows their guest will be available all day. When starting earlier ultimately means your wedding will end in the early evening, allowing you to host a more intimate gathering with friends. We have noticed more and more couples are interested in having an “after” party with their closest friends.

  1. Save on the Honeymoon

I told you I would make your checkbook happy! With a Sunday wedding you would leave for your Honeymoon on a Monday or a Tuesday dropping the cost of your airline tickets and hotel cost versus leaving on a weekend. This makes for a happier honeymoon allowing more spending money when you arrive!

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