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Today on the blog we are hearing from a real bride, Jayne, on her real wedding experience with us.

Pinterest, The website of unlimited possibilities, is where every girl has a “dream wedding” board, sometimes even before their engaged! I sure did. I pinned things like, budget wedding ideas, weddings for under 5K, how to decorate on a dime, and other DIY ideas for the big day.

Finally, the day came when the man I loved proposed! The wedding frenzy began. I had everything mapped out, the venue, the date, the cake (I was going to make my own in my original plans. What was I thinking!) the decorations, the food, the entertainment, the ceremony, the ceremony progression, the reception progression, and all the minor details…or so I thought!

A few months into the planning my mother talked me in to hiring someone to help coordinator the day of the event. She wanted us not to have any worry about vendors, set ups, and especially honoring the wedding day timeline. I was against it. I was whole heartedly against it. I had everything that I needed, and an event coordinator was not in my budget plans. My budget was already filled with photo booths, napkins, and this and that’s. Not to mention, I was filled with cheap, wonderful Pinterest decorating ideas that would keep me in budget I just knew! When I would find the time to make them was still up in the air. I was all over the place, so I finally succumbed and agreed to meet with a coordinator. Lorie Speich, with A Splendid Event, was great from the first visit. The more I talked to Lorie the more I realized I had so much more to do than expected. Dang! My mom was right again!

Lorie sat down with us and gave us a new game plan. After the decision to hire her, she helped me stay on budget. I did not know that wedding planners received discounts that the general public cannot obtain. She took all the stress out of planning the fine details. She made necessary phone calls and scheduled out all of the vendors noting their arrival, setup and take down timeframes. She saved me valuable time, because I no longer had to spend my day on phone calls for quotes or doing research on possible vendors. She had a list of reliable vendors with different price ranges for me to choose. “Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea,” I thought.

The day of our wedding was cold and rainy, and that was out of anyone’s control. Everything else went flawlessly. Our guest even commented on how well the ceremony and reception flowed allowing Ej and I have the time of our lives. Thanks to Lori’s coordinating again!

Hiring a wedding coordinator was not planned in my budget, but with Lorie, our wedding went off without a hitch! Pinterest inspires ideas, projects and sometimes unrealistic expectations, so my best advice for your big day would be Keep calm and hire a wedding planner! It was more than worth it!


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