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So you’ve been asked to be a groomsman, what to do now? If you’re asking yourself this question then here is a good place to start. BE INVOLVED! Too many times groomsmen think that their job is to get fitted for a tux, escort a bridesmaid down the aisle, and the drink the night away with the groom for one last time. Coming from a previous groom this is far from reality. When someone asks you to be a member of the wedding party you must understand the tasks and responsibilities.

First and foremost your job is to be there for the groom, to be there when he may not admit that he needs help. Although the groom may never admit it this is going to be the most trial some time of his life. The last thing he needs is the added stress of having a wedding party that won’t be there to assist him when he needs it most. Ask to help with the engagement shower, because chances are this will be an opportunity to work with the bridesmaids and help everyone gets to know each other. Also make sure that you communicate with all the members of the wedding party. More than likely you already know the other groomsmen, but you will be spending a lot of time with the bridesmaids as well, it never hurts to be willing to socialize.

Secondly you need to plan early and plan often. Every woman in the world has been planning their wedding day since they were playing princess as a little girl, we guys are the opposite. We have been prepping and preparing for the bachelor party. You don’t want to be the best man or groomsmen that throw together a party at the last minute. With all the movies, shows, and books that give you examples of the do’s and do nots of planning a bachelor party there is no excuse not to do everything in your power to make this event one that the groom will remember forever. Just a word for the wise, whatever you have planned to do make sure that you make the couple aware of the basics of who, what, where, and when. This is so you are not the reason for a fight between the happy couple.

Although there are many, many more details and tips on how to be a great groomsman, the best advice that can be given is just to be there for the groom. The last thing that you would ever want to do is let down the groom and bride. You were picked to be a groomsman over all of his other friends and family. Prove that his decision was correct.

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