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Behind every Bridezilla is a line of poor, confused bridesmaids. Once the wedding planning begins every one begins asking the Bride all of the questions, when in reality they should be asking the chosen few… The Bridesmaids!
If you are lucky enough to be given the duty of bridesmaid don’t just think you get to wear a matching dress to 5 other ladies, be bossed around by the bride and indulge in all the fun wedding festivities. Bridesmaids should begin planning the moment they say yes to the soon to be Mrs. as well.
Wondering where to begin or scared your BFF Bride might flip out because she has had this day planned since she was nine? Just relax because she won’t, there are just some things she isn’t allowed to plan. For starters ask the newly engaged couple if they would like an engagement party. This will be a great opportunity for the wedding party to meet and start discussing future party plans for the bride and groom. As well as celebrating the happy couple who are embarking upon a new chapter in their lives.
After the engagement party ask your Bride about showers, will her family members be hosting a bridal shower for her? Would she like more than one? The themes are endless for bridal showers these days don’t feel the need to stick to the traditional Sunday brunch.
Now you can’t forget the most important party of them all and, no not the wedding, but her FINAL FLING BEFORE THE BLING!! Whether she is the laid back type of gal who wants a weekend at the spa or the downright party girl who wants to live it up one last time out on the town, you make sure you give her the time of her life.
Even though most brides will never say it or even realize it until the wedding is over with she chose you for a reason. You have shared some special part of her life with her and she is asking you to stand by her on the biggest day of her life. Make her journey a memorable one so that when she opens her wedding album to show her daughter or soon to be daughter-in-law she will travel back through the years with a blushing smile from the thought of her bachelorette party and say ” I had the most amazing bridesmaids who made my whole wedding process an absolute blast!”

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