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Summer weddings are splendid! Bathed in the hot summer temperatures and with a truly positive vibe to them, this kind of weddings can be absolutely memorable. If you are planning your own summer wedding, it is perfectly understandable why you made this choice – and you most likely want to make it gorgeous too.


Aqua + Cherry Red + Khaki
What is the best color combination for your summer wedding? We have some great suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

• Fuchsia-navy. While navy has always been a top-favorite summer wedding color, the truth is that most of us associate it with white and/or red. However, you should definitely consider combining navy with fuchsia. It looks so beautiful and it strikes the perfect balance between “feminine”, “summery” and “powerful”! Fuchsia silk gowns for the bridesmaids, pink peonies and orchids, navy suits for the guys – it will be unique and full of life!
• Olive-papaya. Bring a little Mediterranean “seasoning” to your wedding by combining olive with an exotic, vibrant and special color – papaya. Bridesmaids dressed in papaya shades, tropical-inspired table arrangements and centerpieces, cocktails inspired by the color scheme – these are just some of the ideas you could use with these stunning colors.

• Pool-red. Want to bring a cool vibe to your wedding? Bring together a lively shade of red and mix it with a cooler, more toned-down shade of blue. Go vintage-inspired with the décor, incorporate red dahlias into the Big Day and don’t forget to create a pool blue and deep red candy bar too – it will be more than stylish!

A Splendid Event can help you pull off a truly gorgeous wedding with as little stress as possible. Contact us, let’s talk about your dream wedding and we will make it come true in a smooth, picture-perfect way!

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