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As the host of your Big Day, you want your guests to remember your wedding as the truly special event it is – and every small detail can matter when it comes to this. How to create a signature wedding cocktail your guests will absolutely love? We have gathered some great ideas to inspire you – so read on and find out more.


Coffee-based cocktails. For a delicious drink that offers a kick of energy too, think of a way to incorporate coffee into your cocktails. Your guests will love the coffee aroma and they will definitely appreciate your cocktail idea!
Popsicle cocktails. Want to surprise everyone with something that’s really unique? Go for popsicle cocktails! Perfect for a hot summer wedding, these cocktails will look amazing, they will taste remarkably well and they will provide your guests with refreshment as well.
His/ Her cocktails. Can’t decide on one cocktail? No worries! You can always opt for the classic “his/ her” motif and provide your guests with two cocktail options. We guarantee they will really enjoy this idea!
International cocktails. Want to add a touch of the multi-cultural taste to your wedding? Build your cocktail hour around cocktails inspired by different countries. They will taste really great and they will definitely satisfy your guests’ appetite for uniqueness.
Tea and/or lemonade. No, your cocktails don’t have to be alcoholic. In fact, non-alcoholic beverages can be just as great as their alcoholic counterparts. Organizing a nice-looking tea bar or a lemonade stand is a great idea if you want to make sure everyone enjoys your wedding drinks.
A Splendid Event helps brides and grooms create weddings that are fabulous, unforgettable and genuinely personal. If you want your Big Day to be completely fantastic from all points of view, contact us and let’s talk about your dream wedding!

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