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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life – so you naturally want everything to be absolutely perfect. However, which are the things you should splurge on and which are the things you can definitely save money on without making your wedding any less spectacular?

We have gathered some of the best on what wedding planners splurge on and save on– so read on if you want to find out more.


  • The venue. If you want a marvelous wedding, your venue should be really beautiful too. A nicely decorated venue will not only make for a really gorgeous wedding, but it will also help you save on different wedding décor items you will not have to bring yourself.

  • The lighting. It is really important that you don’t save on the lighting. Regardless of whether you choose candles, festoon lights or a different type of lighting, you should make sure everything is flawless about it. Trust us, it will be worth every single cent.

  • The food. If you have a favorite food you want to include in the wedding menu, do it no matter how much it costs. Everyone will enjoy good food and you will be very happy about your choice as well, especially since it will give you the chance to add a more personal touch to the entire wedding.


  • Guest count. One of the simplest ways to save big money on your wedding is to reduce the number of guests. You want people who truly care about you to be there for you on the Big Day and there’s no point in having a 200-guests wedding if your budget is a bit more restrictive. You will be really happy with a smaller number of people too!

  • You don’t need as many wedding programs as the number of guests that have send their RSVPs. Most of the groups (families, groups of friends) will only take one program for the entire group and you will have nothing else to do with the programs nobody takes.

  • Nobody comes to weddings just for the sake of the favors and most of the people are more than happy without them too. It’s OK to offer a symbolic token of your gratitude, but you really don’t have to spend too much on this.

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