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Beautiful and emotional, your wedding deserves all of your attention – and it’s not just about the DJ or the flowers, but about the entire ensemble of elegant, unique and personal details you will bring together.

Of course, the way your venue looks plays a crucial role in the Big Day itself, especially since it will “dictate” a lot of other choices – including the way you and your groom will pick your attires. How to dress your groom to match your wedding venue? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

A ballroom. This venue calls for an exquisite and classy look – so the best way to achieve this is by dressing your groom in a classic black tuxedo, with a white shirt, a winged white collar and a white vest or cummerbund.
A country club. Planning a wedding in the country club? A grey tuxedo will look great on your future husband! This strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and just a bit of a casual note, so it’s an outfit you should definitely consider.
Outdoor wedding. If you want to have an outdoor wedding (e.g. a vineyard inspired wedding), you should choose a suit that comes in a lighter color – such as beige or light grey. Also, depending on how informal you want the event to be, a patterned bow-tie will also look good on your loved one.
Historic mansion. Are you among the couples who want to get married in a place full of history and elegance? If so, choose a navy tuxedo and match the bow-tie with the color of the attire. It will look amazing!
A Splendid Event helps brides and grooms plan weddings that are perfect from all points of view – so if you want this as well, and if you want your wedding planning process to be smooth and stress-free, make sure to give us a call!

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