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If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you have seen our new #SundaySecret where we give little snippets of great advice! This last Sunday’s secret was: Assigned seating is a must! This topic is so high on my list I decided it deserved an entire blog post dedicated to it. With every Wedding we have done we always ask if the Couple would prefer assigned seating or open seating and the majority of the time we hear “Open seating, we want our guest to sit where they want and who they want to sit with” I know that most of you are shaking your head yes and agreeing with that statement but don’t make your mind up just yet! After your ceremony is over the Bridal Party and immediate family ( Parents, Siblings, and Grandparents at minimum) all stay back for family pictures while guest are enjoying cocktail hour and making their way to tables. PROBLEM #1: Every single time I see guest not fill up a table or move chairs to tables so you now have 12 chairs at a table meant for 10 and a table of 8 floating around somewhere that should be 10. This makes for irritated guest, and I know this for a fact because they always come and find me to solve the seating issue. While I always find a solution to their problem because that’s what I’m here for my heart always aches just a tiny bit because I know this could have been prevented. Let’s fast forward now to the part where all of your pictures are done and your immediate family has entered the reception. PROBLEM #2 The majority of your guest are cozy enjoying their conversations and cocktails, and your family has no where to sit due to all the miss matched tables and chairs. Your family doesn’t take this as lightly as your guest when they come to find me. You can always assume that your parents will want to sit next to immediate family on this special occasion, but you can not just “assume” everyone else will know this or have the courtesy to leave tables open for them. When couples tell me they are against seating charts even after I tell them the countless horror stories I have stacked up in my book I always offer this highly recommended suggestion as you saw on Sunday: Have individual place cards for your family or friends you know will be in your post ceremony pictures. If you’re A Splendid Event Bride I even offer to do this for you that’s how strongly I believe in it. With all of the decor options available for assigned seating it gives another personal element to your wedding, and your guest will appreciate the effort you went to in telling them where to sit instead of the chaos of them rearranging your reception before dinner is even served.

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