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There’s truly nothing more romantic than a wedding – and if you want your Big Day to be amazingly unique and full of romance and sweetness, creating it around the “kissing” motif would be a great idea.


What are some of the best “kissable” ideas to include in your wedding? We have gathered a few of them to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • The invitations. Want your invitations to be funky, cute and really romantic? Create an invitation design that includes kisses or “XO’s”. Your guests will be delighted with the idea!

  • The photo booth. If you plan on bringing a photo booth at your wedding (and you should, because it’s a lot of fun), create a “kissing” backdrop for it. Even a white, simple backdrop with lipstick kisses motifs on it will work like magic!

  • The place cards. Forget about boring place cards and replace them with some “Hershey’s Kisses” to which you attach the names of the guests. This is a great idea, especially since it can work as a wedding favor too.

  • The ceremony exit. Make your wedding exit fun and romantic by replacing normal confetti with some lip-shaped ones. Everyone will love tossing these as you walk out of your ceremony!

  • The cake. Create a cake that goes with your “kissing” theme as well! To make each slice very special, talk to your pastry chef about creating lip-shaped marzipan décor that can be added to your guests ‘plates.

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