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There are many ways wedding planning has changed over the course of the decades. From having your wedding planned by your mother to planning the wedding all on your own, traditions and etiquette rules have changed a lot.


And yet, one thing always stayed the same: planning such a large (and important!) event is downright stressful.

Fortunately, wedding planners are a great solution to making sure your Big Day turns out flawless in a stress-free way. What are the major responsibilities to expect from your wedding planner? Read here and find out more.

  • Your budget. Many believe hiring a professional wedding planner is expensive. However, that’s not true. Sure, you will spend extra, but considering the fact that a wedding planner can help you create a suitable budget for the entire wedding and that she can help you stick to the plan as well, hiring such a professional will be more than profitable.

  • The vendors. A great wedding planner has a network of vendors ready to cater to a variety of wedding styles and ideas. Thus, one of the major responsibilities that come with this role is introducing you to the best and most talented vendors to help you with your Big Day.

  • The contracts. Although things are loud and clear when you strike a deal with a vendor, they can be far more complex when put on paper. A wedding planner can help you negotiate and create the best contracts with your wedding vendors.

  • Wedding planning timeline. One of the most important responsibilities a wedding planner should handle is creating a wedding planning timeline, so that you know exactly what you should do and when.

  • Day-of coordination. Your wedding day will be extremely emotional – the last thing you want is have all of your plans flipped over by minor accidents. A professional planner can help you with this as well, by coordinating all the details of your wedding day into a seamlessly gorgeous event.

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